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Historical Photos (12 photos)
Historical Photos Preview Image Franklin Farm invites you to take a look back to the early years of our community. From silos to recreation centers, Franklin Farm has witnessed many changes, but continues to hold onto its rural past. Taking us back over 200 years is the original Franklin Farm, whose 18th century family home still stands as the hills, meadows, fields and ponds look just as they did years ago.
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Community Tour (6 photos)
Community Tour Preview Image Franklin Farm has a lot to offer. There are 1,777 homes spread out across 850 acres with approximately 182 acres secured as open space. There is a community center, shopping center, Fairfax County Park (ball fields), walking trails, basketball courts, pools, ponds, tennis courts, volleyball court, 12 tot lots plus two 'super' tot lots located next to each pool. Here are some sample photos of areas around Franklin Farm.
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Pathway Repairs (10 photos)
Pathway Repairs Preview Image Pathway repairs on the Franklin Farm Road pathway
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Tree of Heaven (2 photos)
Tree of Heaven Preview Image Tree of Heaven on Franklin Farm
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Halloween 2021 (16 photos)
Halloween 2021 Preview Image All over franklin farm, residents have gotten in the Halloween spirit and set up some absolutely ghoulish decorations.
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Sarah's Pond Pathway Repairs (4 photos)
Sarah's Pond Pathway Repairs Preview Image Sarah's pond has been receiving attention to help reduce the amount of erosion along the pathway.
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Fall on The Farm (39 photos)
Fall on The Farm Preview Image Fall has arrived and brought all of the beautiful colors it's known for. Take a look at some of the vibrant colors that's right here on Franklin Farm.
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2021 Fall Festival (6 photos)
2021 Fall Festival Preview Image Thank you to everyone who attended the Franklin Farm Fall Festival. It was a perfect Fall day and the event was a massive success! A special thank you to the Community Functions Committee and the volunteers who continue to bring these fun events to Franklin Farm.
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2021 Franklin Farm Turkey Trot (7 photos)
2021 Franklin Farm Turkey Trot Preview Image Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Franklin Farm Turkey Trot; the event was a huge success. The Foundation would like to thank the Community Functions Committee for hosting this wonderful event, and to thank the volunteers who helped out: - Chris Hughes - Ellie Ibach-Durham - Jill Jansen Calsetta and sons - Nora Shan and husband - Ambreen Ghandi
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What I love about Franklin Farm 2022 (5 photos)
What I love about Franklin Farm 2022 Preview Image What I love Contest
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Easter Egg Hunt 2022 (4 photos)
Easter Egg Hunt 2022 Preview Image
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